St. John Brebeuf Parish
Find out information regarding the parish church

St. John Brebeuf School
Check out current information about St. John Brebeuf school

Knights of Columbus
North American Martyrs Council 4338 from St. John Brebeuf in Niles, IL.

Pack 175

Youth Ministry
St. John Brebeuf Youth Ministry site

What Is Scouting?
For those new to scouting, this will provide the purpose and goals of Scouting.   It provides detail to how scouts progress in scouting.  It also provides to basis of scouting including the Scout Oath, Law, Motto, and Slogan.

Boy Scouts of America
This site is the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America.  Find much vital information regarding scouting.

Northwest Suburban Council
Find information within council including council events. 

Order of the Arrow
Official Order of the Arrow site

The Inquiry Net goes into details about the basics of scouting in addition to offering information to plan meetings and what goes on in day to day Scouting activities and meetings 

Many Scouting resources online such as cooking, games, skits, ceremony planning, and more

USScouts is another resource providing many links and information for advancements, awards, campfires, cooking, Eagle Scout links, merit badges, knots, and more

BoyScoutTrail is a site which provides resources such as a large array of recipies, stories, activities, and ceremony ideas.

Animated Knots
Find many scouting knots animated online.

Grand Canyon Tourist Knots
From the Grand Canyon site, there are many knots which are animated for ease of learning the correct order to learn the knot

Knots: Shoelace Knots and More
Many knots available from household, boating, scouting, and rescue

Merit Badge Information
This site provides complete requirements to complete all possible scout merit badges.  Also found is scout advancement requirements.

Patrol Names
Check for different patrol names and their patches.  Has hundreds of creative and unique patrol names.

Wilderness Dining
You are able to purchase food for camping and other necessities

Scout Camp
Helps give information for camping including locations and information regarding camping

High Adventure Scout Ranch

Cantigny Park

Advancement Ceremonies
Various ceremonies provided by

National Catholic Committee on Scouting

Red Cross

Online Catalog
An online source to shop for scouting merchandise. 

Eagle Scout References

Eagle Scout Resource
An excellent resource for all scouts regarding the steps and process of attaining the rank of Eagle.  This site will take you through all the steps to make sure you complete the process correctly

National Eagle Scout Association

Eagle Court of Honor

Eagle Resource provides many of the forms and documents needed for the path to eagle

Eagle Handbook

Eagle Service Project Manual
National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) provides different documents in aiding your way through you eagle project from start to finish

Selecting an Eagle Project
The place to start in coming up with ideas for a project from

Sources for Eagle Scouts
Other important source provided by

Eagle Planning
Finishing all the documents including the project and various information from